Serenity (Single)

by The Rose of Lilith

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The story of Serenity:

A man is amazed when he sees a woman as beautiful as any gem. She notices his interest and takes him up on his curiosity. They go on a date and fall for each other rather quickly. After a few days, he expresses his deep feelings for her and asks to become a couple. Agreeing, she gives herself completely to him and make love. After the erotic scene, she reveals to be very sadistic and punishing. Torturing him to near death, she reveals herself to be a succubus and only wanting him for her pleasure and enjoyment. Successfully shattering the heart of the man, she kills him.

Serenity (Single)

1. Serenity (ft. Andi Kravljaca & Dick Terhune)
2. Serenity (Orchestral Version)*
3. Serenity (Instrumental Version)

* Special orchestral rendition engineered by Guillaume "Spiky" Muller

Music Composed and Produced by Josue Fernandez and Jack Hernandez

Lyrics written by Alexis Requena (The Guardians of Saga) & Co-written by Jack Hernandez

Lead and Backing vocals by Andi Kravljaca (ex-Silent Call, Aeon Zen, Thaurorod, ex-Seventh Wonder)

Narrating by Dick Terhune

Mixing and Mastering services for tracks 1 & 3 by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound (Diminished 7, Society 1)

Mixing and Mastering services for track 2 by Guillaume "Spiky" Muller

Band logo by Christopher Horst

Single cover art by Pzychopart

Lyric video:

A special thank you goes out to Andi Kravljaca, Dick Terhune, Guillaume “Spiky” Muller, Alex Crescioni, Alexis Requena, Christopher Horst, Pzychopart, Umesh Gallage, Cris Sosa, Damian Hurtado Jr, Simon Mohsenine, Fernando Camblor, Raven Moon, Chris Allen and all of our other supports and contributors!


released January 23, 2015



all rights reserved


The Rose of Lilith Hialeah Gardens, Florida

2-piece Symphonic Metal project.


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Track Name: Serenity (ft. Andi Kravljaca & Dick Terhune)
Serenity! the beauty’s name engraved upon my heart with breathtaking delight. Mutual desire drives us in unity as we dance under the pale moonlight.

Hypnotically, her lovely eyes captured my heart and mind with divine enchantment. Seductively, her kiss intoxicates my heart with joy under the shining stars.

Her perfect white skin erotically caressing on my own, her crimson lips burning strong with the flames of lust, our hearts connect as we become one with the scene of love, the ecstasy of our celestial symphony of lust.

Awakening, I start to see my blood flow out of me as she smiles wickedly.

“You fucking whore!” I yell with all my might “Damn you fucking bitch!” I cry in agony.

Serenity! The bitch’s name engraved upon my heart as I fall dead to her. Unshared desire drove us apart as she pierces my heart with Lilith's blade!

The succubus will never cease to defile the heart and soul of all mankind.

(Unsaid Lyrics):
She left her mark in history for all eternity…